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Your home faces threats every day, but few prove as dangerous as losing your property to hungry wood-boring pests. When it comes to finding the right termite control service in Concord, NC, you need an experienced team of exterminators.

Unlike other bugs, it takes more than bait traps and surface sprays to drive them from your property for good. Unless you choose our expert team of Concord termite exterminators, you aren’t protecting your home from pesky invasive pests.

When you hire us at Onsite Environmental Pest Control, it means saving more on the best termite treatment company around. With years of experience in treating your soil, wood surfaces, interior living spaces, and more, we leave you worry-free longer.

In a few weeks, one colony can leave your place looking like a wrecking ball recently struck it. Keep your home safe and free from pesky termite mounds, and other bugs, with our best termite pest control service.

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Termite Removal Company in Concord, NC | Termite Control

The reason why so many home treatment kits fail to protect your building is that it doesn’t eliminate the queen. While you may find it possible to remove much of the drones, the colony will replace their lost numbers quickly.
That is why you should always leave your termite control needs to a professional exterminator who knows what to do. Hiring us means never having to wonder if your house is in the clear, or if you still have concerns.
Although you may have only seen one crawling from your drywall, you could have thousands more swarming beneath the surface. When you need to know that your home remains safe from invasive pests, you can still rely on us for:

  • Soil Treatment
  • Termite Baits
  • Exterior Termite Control
  • Interior Termite Control
  • Safety Inspections
  • Basement Treatments
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Residential Pest Control
  • Commercial Termite Control
  • And more termite control services.

Termites remain responsible for billions of dollars in property damage throughout the United States every year, and they strike quickly. Don’t wait until after you find evidence of pests to call our exterminators and protect your home from bugs today.

Soil Treatment

Treating your soil prevents the spread of termites, and also forces those inside your home to die off.

Termite Baits

Sawdust, combined with a slow-acting pest poison, will hit them once they return home. It can also kill the queen.

Exterior Termite Control

Many homeowners think that termite control is only for their home’s interior, but most enter your place from down below.

Interior Termite Control

As soon as you find discarded wings, strange pest waste, or see termites crawling around, you must call us immediately.

Safety Inspections

Sure, it seems like your bug problem is under control, but how can you tell? Bring us back for inspections.

Basement Treatments

When termites hide out in your basement spaces, you can’t always find them. Treat your concrete areas the simple way.

Concrete Slabs

Some homeowners think that concrete is enough to block off termites. Unfortunately, they can still burrow through without treatment formulas.

Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to know that termites remain gone for good is to keep them away with scheduled maintenance.

Residential Pest Control

We offer affordable solutions for your home, defending you from termites, cockroaches, rodents, and more pests, all at lower pricing.

Commercial Termite Control

It’s hard to run a business once termites have eaten it all away. Keep your facilities safer for less.

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