Do you want to rid your home of fleas without resorting to chemical flea bombs? The good news is that you don’t need to live in an insecticide haze to achieve a flea-free home. Read on for tips on how to get rid of fleas without bombing.

Fleas live year-round in North Carolina and are most active in the fall. They reproduce very quickly, and one female can produce as many as five hundred eggs over their lifetime. What’s more, they can live for up to two months without food, making it difficult to get rid of them.

Once a flea enters your home, you have very little time to stop an army of pests from taking over your home. Let’s take a look at flea bombs and other often-used flea eradication techniques.

The problem with flea bombs

Do flea bombs work? Homeowners ask us all the time if they should try a flea bomb before opting for professional treatment. The answer is that no, flea bombs do not work.

Flea bombs do a fantastic job of tricking people into thinking that there is no way a flea could survive a bombing. However, flea bombs will not necessarily kill all fleas, flea eggs, and larvae hiding in your house.

Here are five reasons that you should find an alternative to flea bombing for your home:

1. Unfortunately, flea bombs fail because the bombing insecticides don’t get down into the carpet and other household fibers where flea eggs and larvae hide until they are ready to hatch.

2. The insecticides present in flea bombs are toxic to all living things in your house.

3. Since flea bomb ingredients are toxic, you and your pets must stay out of the house for hours after the bombing.

4. Aerosol flea bombs are flammable. You’ll have to take strict precautions to avoid an accidental fire if you opt to use one.

5. Flea bombs can cause severe problems for people with asthma. It’s possible to have an asthma attack days after the flea bombing.

Now that you know five of the reasons to avoid flea bombs, let’s continue to how you can conquer the fleas that make your life miserable.

Get rid of fleas without bombing

It’s not impossible to banish fleas from your house, but it does take a little effort. The trick to gaining the upper hand on these little creatures is to take action as soon as you spot a flea. It’s a smart idea to stay on top of your flea-fighting strategies throughout the year.

Step 1: Clean your house

Step one in combating a flea infestation is to give your home a thorough cleaning. Effective cleaning methods include

Take the time to vacuum all of your floors and upholstered furniture thoroughly. Running the vacuum over all of your floor coverings once a day, or even more, will be a massive help in being able to get rid of fleas without bombing. Don’t forget to vacuum underneath furniture as fleas often make their home in the tiny spaces in your home. Make sure to carefully remove the vacuum bag and throw it into the trash can outside of the house.

Invest in a steamer and use it to steam clean carpets, fabrics, and hard surfaces. Give extra attention to pet areas. Aim for a weekly steaming session during an active flea infestation.

Wash bedding in hot water. Don’t forget to toss pet bedding and fabric toys into the washer and dryer. You might want to throw heavily infested bedding into the garbage rather than attempt to clean it.

Step 2: Fleas and pets

Your pet loves to spend time outdoors. Unfortunately, neighborhood fleas will often hop onto your furry friend and start the cycle of insects in your home. Making sure that your pet doesn’t provide a healthy meal for the flea is key to controlling fleas in your home.

You can help to de-flea your pet by giving your furry friend some extra attention. Invest in a flea comb and take the time to comb through every strand of hair on your pet thoroughly. Give your pet a long bath with a mild soap that won’t irritate its skin.

Of course, merely removing the existing fleas from the body of your pet isn’t enough to provide complete protection. Ask your veterinarian for advice regarding a long-term flea control product. A consistent flea-control routine for your pet is sometimes enough to keep fleas out of your home.

Although it’s possible to get rid of fleas without bombing and other DIY methods, there are times when it makes more sense to call a professional pest control company. Keep reading to discover why hiring a pest control company to fight fleas in your house is a smart move.

Why hire a professional pest control company

A top quality pest control company, like Onsite Environmental Pest Control, deals with flea infestations every day. A skilled technician knows how to find and kill the fleas that make your life miserable. Some of the perks that you’ll experience when you make regular appointments with pest control service to solve your flea problem include:

  • Fast and effective flea elimination
  • Continuous flea control
  • Affordable service

Many homeowners rely on a pest control company to keep their flea problem in check through regular service appointments. Our technicians, for example, know that the secret to flea control is to keep them out of your yard. We are experts at figuring out where fleas are likely to hide in your yard, and we use unique industrial flea-killing products in those specific locations.

Read here for tips on hiring a high-quality pest control company near you.

Last thoughts

Lastly, living in a flea-infested house is an awful experience for people and pets. Fortunately, you can get rid of fleas without bombing. Through a combination of our homecare tips and regular professional pest control service, a flea-free home is an achievable goal.

Onsite Environmental Pest Control provides complete flea control services for homes in the Concord, NC area. Contact us to solve all of your pest problems so that you can say goodbye to flea bites.